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Accountant Records


Official Documents: Welcome

You may be asked to provide various documents from different sources. Including: 

Council tax bills

Tenancy agreements

Letters from the Home Office

Letters from school or employment

Immigration paperwork 

It is important all paperwork you submit is clear, straight and the full page.

Official Documents: Who We Are


Some documents will specify the paperwork must be on 'headed paper'
This means the document is official and from a trusted source.

Home Office headed  letter.JPG

This is an example of a home office letter on their official headed paper.

Headed paper often includes the logo, address, and contact details of the sender.

This is also a good example of a scan, the text is clear and you can see the full page of the document.

Official Documents: What We Do


plusnet bill.JPG

This is an example of an internet utility bill. 
Make sure the document includes your address, and the bill date.

Official Documents: What We Do


These are examples of good and bad scans of bank statements.



This scan is good because:
The whole document is visible
The text is clear
There is contrast between white background and black text
It is straight
You can see all the information: date, names, numbers



This scan is bad because:

It is not straight

Parts of the document are missing

You will have to send a large amount of files to your caseworker. You can combine PDFs using this website.

Once you have combined all your PDFs, send them to your caseworker. Follow the guide below for help.

Official Documents: Programs
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