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Accounting Documents


Bank Statements: Welcome

You must include statements from all accounts you hold. Even if the accounts are empty or have not been used in a long time.

The statements must be from the last 6 months.

The last date on the statement must be less than 28 days old, up until the date you give the evidence to your caseworker.

-For example, if you give your bank statements to your caseworker on the 30th October, the latest date from the bank statement must not be before the 2nd of October.

Bank Statements: Who We Are


You must show money coming in to your bank, and going out.

Any incoming or outgoing money above £50 must be explained.

full bank statement.JPG


This is an example of a full bank statement scan. It shows that the statement is official, as it is on the bank's headed paper. 
All bank statements need to be stamped by the bank.


This bank statement shows money being paid into an account from an employer, and a family member.

You must declare if you are receiving money outside of your regular income that is over £50

Bank Statements: What We Do


These are examples of good and bad scans of bank statements.


bank statement.JPG

This scan is good because:
The whole document is visible
The text is clear
There is contrast between white background and black text
It is straight
You can see all the information: date, names, numbers


bank statement.JPG

This scan is bad because:

It is not straight

Parts of the document are missing

The document has been edited with a pen

You will have to send a large amount of files to your caseworker. You can combine PDFs using this website.

Once you have combined all your PDFs, send them to your caseworker. Follow the guide below for help.

Bank Statements: Programs
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